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Golovko, puffed up, leaned against the table. I made myself comfortable on the side chairs, forgot about these bullfighters and began to clean the feathers.

In less than half an hour, a sweaty and disheveled Golovko, huddled in his chair, signed all the papers, waving his hands doomedly CasinoNic Erfahrungen.

The victorious Kozlov talked excitedly to himself, felt sorry for himself, "a lonely fighter against assholes."

Surrounded on all sides and attacked!

- Well, take it easy filter the market! Golovko voiced uncertainly.

- Don't be offended, Vasya! An asshole is not a fool, he is a smart person, even a very smart one, but only his brains are on one side. You try to think less, it will be easier to live. - And, turning to me, theatrically waved his hand: - The path is clear, madam!


CasinoNic Erfahrungen

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